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Meet Rayo.
The Browser for 

We make the online world

inclusive for all.

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This website contains an airline seat map
Rayo browser can inform users about the available seats and book a seat.

We recreate web browsing experience for everyone

This website contains charts

01. Hassle-free

​Our keyboard-centric interface, screen reader compatibility, and voice commands enable users to easily navigate websites in seconds. 

02. Smart

Rayo empowers users to maximize their input with chart and image readers, and alt-text auto-generative content.

03. Helpful

With Rayo's built-in AI assistant, users can now turn a thousand words into short bullet points and complete simple tasks seamlessly.

Rayo AI assistant can describe the chart with just the right details

​Web accessibility for all

Currently, 98% of websites are inaccessible, resulting in 59% job opportunity loss for those lacking access online - This affects millions of people worldwide, including those with visual impairments or neurological conditions, the elders, etc.

At Rayo, we believe everyone should have equal digital accessibility, regardless of age, gender, race, and conditions.



Who Are We

We are Rayo, an impact startup born inside the Antler startup generator. 

We are the world's first AI-powered solution to make websites accessible. 

Why We Exist

We exist to make the online world more inclusive and empower millions of people with equal digital accessibility.

Our Story

For a blind user, it takes approximately 30 minutes to learn a new web layout - That is way too long!

Deeply feel the pain of our users, Rayo was born to make web browsing fun and hassle-free.



Theseabilities partner
Sao Mai partner
Ha Noi Association for the Blind partner

Debra Ruh

Founder at Ruh Global IMPACT

“Accessibility allows us to tap into everyone's potential.”


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