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We just released our Alpha version! 🚀

Last week, we gave our Alpha version to 10 blind and low-vision testers across Vietnam and Singapore. Here are what they've got to say.

The Good 🥁

After all those tears, sweats, and blood, we finally got to test our very first, imperfect version. Below are all the positive feedback:

Easy to Install, Light, and Fast

"On the bright side, the browser is very easy to download and install. It can load web pages pretty fast. The shortcuts worked as expected. On the flip side, we can create hot keys in a common form."

- Giang Nguyen, Technical Lead at Apple Singapore.

Adblocker Made It Seamless to Navigate Websites

"The adblocker helped me navigate websites easily as I don't have to go through countless of ad banners and pop-ups before getting to the main content."

- Linh Duong, Business Student at RMIT University.

Impressive color filter

"I tried loading several Youtube videos and found the color filter applied to texts and actors' skin color. This is very interesting as I never thought the color filter could interact even inside the video system. I would suggest having more color modes for various forms of low vision."

- Tuan Nguyen, Academic Consultant at RMIT University.

... And The Bad 😬

As much as we love the product, - it's like our own baby - we are not afraid of taking tough feedback.

I Wish There Were A Voice Command

"Things will get easier with a voice command as we are lazy and don't want to rely too much on the keyboard shortcuts."

- Cuong Dang, Accessibility Coach and Technical Lead at Sao Mai Center for the Blind.

More AI, Please!

"I think there should be more implementation of the AI technologies to analyze and read visual elements, such as .pdf files and icons."

- Nhan Vo, Tester at DRD.

Just a bit Too Dark (no pun intended)

"As a person with cataracts, I found it a bit dark for me. I would love to have a high contrast filter and a screen magnifier so it is easier for me to see things."

- Khang Hoang, Technician.

A test with Sao Mai people

What is the next step?

Just like any other test, there is a world of things we need to improve! And we were very excited to witness all the expressions on our testers' faces and receive their critical feedback. Each of them was very valuable for us as it shapes the future of the Rayo product. From this Alpha test, we are ramping up learnings for the next release.

If you are interested, stay tuned for our updates by joining our Beta waitlist!


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