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A Browser for Inclusivity

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

"Web Inaccessibility Sucks" - We Feel You 🫶

One of the things I absolutely HATED after speaking to visually impaired people across continents was their daily struggles going online. I cannot imagine what it's like to spend 30 minutes learning a new web layout. Keyboard isn't my jam - As a non-blind, I'm used to the convenience of using a mouse, but I can sense how frustrating it would be as not all websites support keyboard accessibility.

So when my team dug in with the problem, we were stunt by the truth: 98% websites are inaccessible! In a world where the Internet has become crucial in every aspect of our daily lives, changing the way we communicate, study, work, and have fun, it is such a huge loss for not being able to access content online.

Meet the Rayo!

It was the ninth week at the Antler VN3 cohort, after 35 days and 4 pivots, we finally came up with a solution: an AI browser to make websites accessible!

So how does it work? 🤨

Keyboard-centric interface 🧑‍💻

You will no longer get stuck at pages or spend hours navigating the messy menus.

Rayo browser enables you to navigate websites and give commands using keyboard shortcuts.

Maximize your input with images and charts ⚡️

Learning to play the piano but cannot find a way to read the music sheet? Fear not - Rayo will play it for you.

All you have to do is take a picture with your phone or download a music sheet online, upload to Rayo and... voilà! You can now hear the song played by the Rayo browser.

An AI assistant to make your life easier 🤩

Need to get a quick summary of an article, compile and send email to your contacts or book a flight ticket? Rayo is here to help.

Simply input your commands and Rayo will take care of the rest!

Try Rayo and let us hear your thoughts!

If you do think this is a solution to take your web browsing experience to the next level, let Rayo be part of your journey!

Join our Beta waitlist today and our team will ship the product to you.

And finally, if you think other people may find this article useful, please share it with them!


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