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Disability Research and Capacity Development joined forces with Rayo to make websites barrier-free!

It is official! Blind and low vision users in Vietnam can now access the Rayo browser through the Disability Research and Capacity Development (DRD).

Who is DRD?

DRD is a non-profit organization with a mission to create a barrier-free, inclusive society for people with disabilities in Vietnam. During 15 years of operation, DRD has empowered millions of Vietnamese through various projects, such as capacity building and network development for PWDs (funded by Ford Foundation), career consulting and job recommendation (BUILD and BRAVE projects funded by Irish Aid), Independent Living (funded by Nippon Foundation via Human Care Association), and Accessibility for All (funded by USAID).

What is it about?

Accessing the online world can be intimidating for people with visual impairments. The challenges of unlabeled buttons, missing alternative texts, and complex, inaccessible page structures all builds for a wearisome experience.

Now, DRD and Rayo want to change this by taking web accessibility to the next level! With a strong network, including Microsoft, The Atlantic Philanthropies, as well as a community of millions of Vietnamese with disabilities, DRD will play an important role in providing empirical data for the Rayo browser research and development. This involves providing accessibility evaluation based on user research, consulting on reasonable adjustments, and raising awareness with community resources.

Through support from DRD, Rayo can now deliver a more accessible, personalized solution to suit the local residents' needs in Vietnam.

DRD now partners with Rayo

What does it mean for visually impaired users?

Blind and low-vision Vietnamese users can now design a browser for their own needs! By participating in the user research and user testing organized by DRD, users can raise their problems and concerns to the Rayo research team. Every feedback will be taken into consideration and will help shape the direction of the Rayo product.

What's more? We co-organize multiple training sessions which assist visually impaired people in accessing information technology and equip them with all the necessary skills to join the workforce.

Web accessibility for blind users

Join us on our mission!

If you are working at startups, non-profit organizations or simply an advocator for equal rights and opportunities for people with disabilities, we would love to connect with you!

Just say hi and introduce yourself to, a team member of Rayo will be in contact. 😁


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